Security & Compliance

Intelligently secure your environment

Secure Computing For The Cloud-Connected World




Identify threats before your network and data are compromised. Use near real-time threat intelligence and technologies like cloud security access brokers or SIEM solutions to identify and collate events in the environment before there is a breach. Monitor employee activities and control data through mobile and desktop security policies to prevent information leaks.


Governance is a key security component that many organizations fail to properly embrace. Security programs should not only be dictated by laws and regulations but should also take into account the way each organization does business. Risk mitigation and management oversight need to be prioritized to effectively manage security in the environment.


With a threat landscape that is as deep and wide as it is today, security automation is key. Vendors such as Microsoft are taking threat intelligence gleaned from all of their cloud customers and using it to rapidly identify and automatically block threats in almost real time, providing a level of protection that is un-paralleled by on-premise only systems.


By the time a security breach happens, it is often too late to figure out the how and why. Most organizations spend more time and money to identify how the breach happened than they would have to implement a proper security program. The right tools and processes are critical to identify and remediate malicious threats and to ensure the risk of further breach is mitigated.

Practice Security From The Inside Out

Historically, most organizations utilize a layered security approach, starting from the edge of the network and moving in to the endpoint. With the advent of cloud services and increasingly mobile workforces, the edge of the network has moved from an on premise physical location to the end user device. Users are increasingly targeted via traditional means such as email as well as through more advanced mechanisms such as social engineering and ransomware. To combat new types of attacks, X-Centric employs a methodology called Inside Out Security. This all-encompassing security methodology involves securing data from the moment the user accesses it to where they store it and how they share it. This can be as simple as encrypting data on an end user device, conducting targeted phishing campaigns to educate users on how to identify threats, or more advanced means such as Advanced Threat Protection. The goal is to identify threats and take action before the bad guys do.

Information Protection

Information protection has become one of the hottest topics in the IT security world. Traditionally, most companies secured their data through a strict set of server and application permissions. Given today’s cloud-first, mobile world, this is no longer enough. Information needs to be protected no matter where it resides, from the moment it is created and stored through the moment it is viewed and shared by end users. It isn’t sufficient to just protect the devices corporate data resides on. The information itself must be safeguarded from exfiltration via traditional means–such as a terminated employee taking all of their contacts, or more advanced data exfiltration techniques–such as viruses that compromise data, hackers who lie in wait for users to access data, and lost or stolen mobile devices that contain sensitive company information.

Identity Management And Protection

Your personal identity is becoming a hot commodity on the black market. Your IT identity is starting to as well. Usernames, passwords, email addresses, and privileged accounts are high on a cyber intruder’s target list. Protect yourself and your business with X-Centric’s Identity Management and Protection solutions. Monitor suspicious accounts, irregular logons, privileged account use, and more in real time. React quickly to possible threats, and stop them before they cause damage. Add an additional layer of security with multi-factor authentication to ensure only the person allowed to use the account is the one actually using it. Contact X-Centric today to learn more ways to protect your organization’s identities from malicious threats.