IT Consulting Services

Leverage our years of expertise to build a comprehensive IT strategy for a digital and technological transformation of your business that is flawlessly aligned with your organizational aims. We at X-Centric assist you in automating and digitalizing the operations through a holistic, agile, and cost-effective approach to optimize the IT systems and processes that focus on delivering concrete business outcomes. We grasp the market’s pulse, keeping an eye out for developing technologies to bring to you only the latest and top-notch advanced software resolutions. Our team’s dedicated IT Consultancy specialists analyze your business’s existing IT framework in depth and choose only the best-in-class technologies that suit your business.

X-Centric IT Consulting can help you in areas like:


On-Prem to Cloud Migrations

Infrastructure as Code/Infrastructure Automation

IT Infrastructure Management and Optimization

Remote Workforce Solutions

Securing Data in the Cloud

Why to Choose X-Centric's IT Consulting Services?

Deep-dive analysis to take stock of your business’s software requirements

US based team of well-qualified and dedicated IT Consultants to deliver quality work with zero delays & Bringing you the latest and up-to-date technologies like IoT, AI/AR to list a few


Unique tailor-made solutions are designed based on the needs, structure and software requirements of a business


Proven track record of planning, designing and implementing dynamic IT Consultancy services for all types of businesses

How Does X-Centric’s IT Consulting Service Work?

We INNOVATE the best plan that will smoothly INTEGRATE with your business goals so that you can OPERATE with ease and X-CELERATE your business to the pinnacle of success.

Highly efficient and innovative IT strategies.

Advance organization's effectiveness and capability by choosing and optimizing innovations such as Cloud, Cyber Security, SD-WAN, Big Data & Data Analytics, etc.

Bringing you a blend of IT consulting with end-to-end IT services.

Cost-effective IT Consultancy services that save time and achieve long-term or short-term goals.

Implementation, support, managed services, and more with seamless integration.

Counseling on day-to-day technological challenges while evaluating emerging technologies that can be leveraged.

Exploring and interpreting interdependencies between your existing IT systems.

IT Governance and Policy.

Driving your business to the next level by providing insight and consulting services around all phases of technology.

User Testimonials on X-Centric's IT Consulting Service

For over 10 years, X-Centric IT Solutions and Johnson Financial Group have shared a business partnership that has helped both parties succeed while supporting locally owned Wisconsin companies. X-Centric is a loyal customer of Johnson Insurance, and has assisted Johnson Bank with several important IT initiatives. X-Centric and JFG are a great example of how Wisconsin-owned companies can share expertise to maximize success.

Brent Maher

Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Johnson, Financial Group

I have worked with X-Centric ever since they first opened their doors, and I knew the owners for a number of years before that. The reason why I have worked with them, and will continue doing so, is quite simple – they do what they say they’ll do and they are good at it. It is difficult to find technology expertise that can be trusted to perform so I’m glad I already found it!

Mike Turner

Director of Business Technology, CCLS, Inc.

My experience with X-Centric IT Solutions has been nothing short of extraordinary. X-Centric has a proven track record of planning, designing, and implementing large-scale infrastructure projects – as well as providing the right technical resources for those smaller IT needs that arise. They understand that IT isn’t always just about the technology, rather, IT is relied on for making sound technological decisions in order to support the business, and to that end, X-Centric consistently knocks it out of the park!

Doug Breitnauer

IT Infrastructure and Operations Manager, SVA, Corporate Services

I am incredibly grateful to the X-Centric team who were able to take our struggling systems migration project, analyze the core issues, and turn it around. Their technical expertise became invaluable when they made some extremely efficient recommendations and were able to follow through on the implementation. X-Centric saved countless man-hours and we have achieved the end outcomes we originally set out to achieve with their help.

Ryan Gray

Chief Executive Officer, My Better Finance

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need IT consulting Services?

With the rapidly transforming IT landscape the needs of an organization, it is essential to deploy the best technology and right IT solutions at the right time and with the correct value. IT consulting services at X-Centric is a cost-effective and time-efficient approach for businesses, be it small, medium, or large, that depend on IT administration to run their operations. With dedicated IT professionals, your business can get support and guidance at a portion of the cost instead of managing a full-time IT department within an organization. Consulting services are developing and implementing technologies necessary to stimulate business maturity, control risks, diminish expense, or improve the functioning of the existing system.

What are common things can X-Centric's IT Consultancy services offer?

The technical skills of the IT experts at X-Centric bring valuable insights to the core of your business. They can help you define the project’s scope, analyze the existing software framework, and integrate the new technology.

Why is IT Consulting service important?

The role of an IT consultant is to support their patrons use technology for the highest good for their business. Most of the time, the methods behind technology consulting help a business by improving the business processes that reduce the company’s costs and maximize any tech opportunities to make the most of the opportunities. IT Consultancy services perform a vital role in the digital transformation of a business and getting it future-ready. As the technology domain is evolving swiftly, this industry is becoming indispensable in promoting organizational growth.

Why is Information Technology consultation important for a business?

Information technology is used in organizations to execute communication and is an essential part of every business plan. Information technology is used in organizations to execute communication and is an essential part of every business plan. Information technology, known as IT, includes the understanding and applying computers and any type of telecommunications that store, recover, analyze, transfer, handle data and transmit knowledge. It involves a mixture of hardware and software tools used to perform the fundamental duties that organizations need and practice daily basis.

Benefit of X-Centric’s IT Consulting Services

Unparalleled Services

X-Centric fuses best practices and years of practical expertise to create IT consultancy solutions that are assured to support you exceed your business and technology goals. We are dedicated to delivering excellent technical solutions through quality interactions every step of the way.

Mobility is Our Focus

We adopt the most advanced technologies to outline solutions that keep your business ahead of the competition. We understand that the end-user experience is paramount in the cloud-connected mobile world. With a proven methodology, our experts bring to you solutions, tailored to suit your business style and objectives.

Expert Hands-on Team

Our highly skilled IT Consultants have proficiencies across a vast array of technology solutions. The team holds strong analytical and problem-solving skills, excellent communications skills, self-direction, and proven leadership abilities with the capacity to tackle multiple responsibilities.

We Believe

Our goal is to assist our clients to lower their total cost of technology ownership while receiving the advantages of feature-rich tools that deliver sustained ROI, diminished risk, and expected results. With our IT solutions, give your business the boost it needs to reach where it needs to be. As your trusted solutions partner, we work with you to understand the key factors that drive your business, understand the challenges which help us design the appropriate resolutions that are dynamic and quick to embrace in this ever-changing technological scenario.