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X-Centric’s Citrix Experts have gained extensive knowledge by working on various projects. We can help your business take the next step towards complete digital transformation. Our team offers consulting, migration assistance, along with managed services for Citrix technologies. . We combine your business goals to deliver practical & innovative solutions. Our experts employ best methods to deliver network optimization services. Result – you get a quick, cost-effective, and customized service.

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Citrix managed services

Design and architect Citrix solutions

Deploy and implement Citrix solutions

Cloud strategy and transition

Networking services

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Certified professionals

Best practices and industry compliance


Cost-effective speedy services


Maximizing workspace experience

How Does X-Centric's Citrix Consulting Service Work?

Extensive experience and business understanding to deliver a collaborative, digital workspace


On-Prem to Cloud Migrations

Infrastructure as a Code/Automation

IT Infrastructure Roll out and Optimization

Remote Workforce Solutions

Securing Data in the Cloud

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do Citrix consultant services work?

You can hire our Citrix Consulting Experts to steer your business towards success. Do you have a clear business objective? Then our team can transition your processes from the present o the Citrix service model. If needed, they can also analyze your security strategy and identify the loopholes. Then our Citrix experts can implement relevant security firewalls to ward off cyberattacks.


What do Citrix consultants do?

Our company, X-Centric gives top-notch Citrix consultant services for big organizations. We bridge the distance between grand designs and game-changing results. Our team removes the barriers to successful business outcomes so that you can get value in short time. Our professionals bring with them decades of technical expertise. We use proven, best-practice methodologies to design and implement Citrix solutions. The benefit – Enhanced security in your business processes.

Why do big enterprises need Citrix consulting services?

Our experts can design a secure, virtual workspace for your company. Our Citrix consultant services in Wisconsin offer your business gets three benefits. Visibility, scalability, and consistency. Do you need support for deploying the Citrix environment? Or do you need assistance with an upgrade? If yes, we will provide you a team that can outperform the task with precision in a specified time and budget.

What to look for in Citrix consulting services before hiring them?

The X-Centric Team can bring years of technical experience and extensive field knowledge into your project. Our professionals have deep knowledge of leading practices. So, we can augment your Citrix assets and resources with ease. We have gained a name as a company offering the best Citrix Consultant Services in Wisconsin. Our proven methodologies and intellectual property add significant value to your IT initiatives. So, we can train your team in recent technologies to manage your new IT setup for the long term. Your team stays well-equipped to face growing challenges for the future.

What value can Citrix consulting services add to businesses?

X-Centric is a reputed name in offering Citrix consulting managed services. Our team first understands your current and future needs. We then analyze your processes to identify loopholes and deliver practical solutions. Our expert team walks the extra mile to offer assistance in three categories. They are – strategic rationale to implementation and administration. By monitoring precisely, we will maximize solution performance while reducing organizational risk.

What is Citrix solutions?

Citrix offers virtualization solutions that enable remote working of employees. Its software publishes virtualized Windows applications, desktops, and resources to remote users. Citrix Virtual systems separate applications from the underlying Operating System. By this feature, distant users can gain access and work from any device. It streams applications from a centralized spot into a remote setting to work on destination devices. Our name features among the top Citrix Managed Services in Wisconsin. X-Centric experts help you create a simple, secure, and better way to work.


Citrix Consultant Services Wisconsin

X-Centric’s Citrix consultant team have years of functional expertise and field knowledge. They can design effective solutions to assist you in meeting your business goals. We encourage you to Innovate by Integrating the recent technologies in your processes. This move will make your business Perform at its fullest and X-Celarates towards growth.


Versatility At The Core

We prefer to use cutting-edge technologies to keep your business protected always. Our team understands the importance of end-user experience in the business. Our security experts work to create a protected environment in your business operations.


Proficient Experts

Our experienced consultants have proficiencies across a comprehensive assemblage of technologies. The professional team at X-Centric possesses powerful problem-solving abilities and outstanding communications skills. They have the expertise to undertake various duties and complete them with perfection.


Our Purpose


We aim to assist our customers in reducing their investment on recent technologies. Our experts provide necessary guidance in purchasing the tools that can give 100% ROI. These tools are easy-to-use, have minimum risk features and can give perfect results. Also, we analyze the hurdles in your business operations. Our experts help design policies to eliminate the techno-hurdles in your processes. We offer top-notch solutions to push your business processes towards achieving the company goals.