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Technology Sourcing

Sourcing the right hardware and software for your environment is time consuming and complex. Our sourcing experts can help.


From servers and storage to laptops and tablets, our technology sourcing experts will recommend the right configuration for your needs.


Our licensing specialists understand the complexities of software licensing agreements and can help navigate your next purchase or renewal.


Cloud and SaaS agreements vary widely depending on the type of service being licensed. Let us guide you through your transition to the cloud.



License agreements for on-premise, cloud, and SaaS software are vast, complex, and ever-changing.  Picking the correct hardware with the proper warranty options can mean the difference between a 4 hour or 4 day outage.  Cloud infrastructure service costs can spiral out of control if not planned and executed properly.

With so many different types of technology, how do you know what to pick for your organization?  We are certified in the technology solutions we source for our customers, which makes us an ideal partner to help you source the correct technology solutions for your environment every time.

Our offerings include:

  • Cloud Service Cost Forecasting and Procurement
  • Hardware Warranty Tracking
  • Software, Hardware, and Service Procurement
  • Software Asset Management
  • Contract Negotiations

Are you ready for guidance on your next technology investment?