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Welcome to one-click infrastructure management

Manage all of your virtual environments running on AOS, seamlessly and easily. Prism simplifies and streamlines common workflows to make hypervisor and VM management as easy as checking your email.

Monitor and Manage Everything from One Console

Eliminate the complexity of infrastructure management with Prism’s elegant simplicity. Manage your entire environment, from storage and compute infrastructure all the way up to virtual machines, seamlessly and easily. With streamlined maintenance and upgrades, simplified workflows, and consolidated visibility into cluster statistics, your administration will be hassle-free, with no downtime or maintenance windows.
Nutanix Prism is an end-to-end consumer-grade management solution for virtualized datacenter environments that brings unprecedented simplicity by combining several aspects of administration and reporting. We designed Prism from the ground up for an uncluttered, yet rich experience that provides an intuitive user interface to simplify and streamline common datacenter workflows, eliminating the need to have disparate management solutions for different tasks. Prism manages the entire stack from the storage and compute infrastructure all the way up to virtual machines (VMs). You can manage single nodes with both Prism Central and Prism Element consoles and manage clusters with Prism Central. Prism for infrastructure management has two management consoles for deployment: Prism Element for single cluster and Prism Central for single or multi cluster management. Prism is included with every edition of Acropolis for single- and multiple-site management.


Nutanix Move automates "Lift & Shift" VM migrations and delivers the best practice configuration needed for optimal VM performance-saving significant time and cost.


  • One-Click Migrations
    Easily move from ESX, Hyper-V* & AWS*
  • Simplify Operations
    Eliminate manual and error-prone repetitive tasks.
  • Minimize Downtime
    Near-Zero service outage, with full cutover control


The Industry’s most popular hyper converged infrastructure (HCI) Solution

Effortlessly leverage cloud-like agility & ease of use, coupled with no-premises security & control, as you leave behind the complexity & cost of legacy solutions.

Built-in AHV Virtualization Nutanix Acropolis includes AHV, our native virtualization solution, & additionally supports the virtualization solutions of VMware ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V & Citrix XenServer. Nutanix AHV is a comprehensive enterprise virtualization solution tightly integrated into Acropolis & is provided with no additional license cost.

AHV delivers the features required to run enterprise applications, for example:

Combined VM Operations & Performance Monitoring via Nutanix Prism

Backup, Disaster Recovery, Host & VM High Availability

Dynamic Scheduling (Intelligent placement & resource contention avoidance)

Board Ecosystem Support (Certified Citrix Ready, Microsoft Validated via SVVP)


Truly invisible infrastructure includes virtualization

Virtualization no longer needs to be a distinct layer of the IT stack that has to be licensed, deployed, and managed separately. Nutanix AHV is native, enterprise-grade virtualization included with the Enterprise Cloud OS.

All the Power and Performance You’ll Need

AHV delivers everything you’d expect from a virtualization solution that’s tested and ready for the enterprise: high performance, flexible migrations, security hardening, automated data protection and disaster recovery, and rich analytics. With robust, integrated management features, AHV is a leaner virtualization solution with no software bloat, no costly shelfware, and no extra costs.