X-Centric Managed Services

Take the burden of IT off your plate so you can focus on high value activities

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Are you constantly being asked to do more with less? Do you spend more time putting out fires than enabling technology innovation? Are you struggling to keep your systems secure and up-to-date? If you answered yes to any of these questions, ITaaS may be right for you.

Move Capex To Opex

Turn capital expenditures into predictable operational expenses. Move to a managed cloud infrastructure to drive predictability in costs and flexibility in cost management. Pay for infrastructure costs and management services in one package.


Regular data collection and reporting are key to measuring the health of an environment. By tracking metrics, our Managed Services team can quickly identify system issues and utilization trends to make recommendations that help keep IT running smoothly.

Proactively Manage

Stop reacting to your IT environment and start proactively managing it. We start by baselining the environment. We build on the baseline month to month through routine maintenance, regular health checks, monthly updates, and standard operating procedures.


Standardization and Change Management help ensure unknowns are kept to a minimum. We routinely work with our clients to establish minimum supported operating system and software versions, standard hardware platforms and cloud service platforms.

Infrastructure Management

Our Managed Services solutions allow your staff to offload mundane day to day tasks so they can focus on strategic initiatives. X-Centric Managed Services gives you predictable monthly operational expenses by fixing the costs of items such as monitoring, patching and maintaining your IT infrastructure. Whether on-premise or in the cloud, we bring up to date expertise on everything from legacy to leading edge systems – and everything in between.


Our managed services practice is architected in such a way that we seamlessly integrate with your team. Our flexible, cost-effective plans can be customized for environments of any size. Do you only need after-hours coverage for monitoring? Do you only want patch management and software updates? Do you need an extension of your team to perform full management of critical systems? We have you covered in all cases. Contact us today to find out how X-Centric Managed Services can help take the burden of day-to-day IT off of your staff.

Expert-level Support

Do you need around the clock support? Do you lack the staff to handle all your IT needs? Or do you simply need to fill in gaps in skills? X-Centric provides all of that and more! We provide a full array of support services to meet your specific needs. With around the clock monitoring services, and around the clock helpdesk, we can give you peace of mind in knowing your IT is managed by the best.

Security And Vulnerability Management

IT Security is paramount in a business environment now. Users are constantly the targets of advanced phishing attacks, malicious links, ransomware and viruses. Let X-Centric handle that burden for you! Get a vulnerability scan to see where your risks are and close those holes quickly! With our full security suite to handle the latest virus and malware attacks, and attack detection software we can handle the worst! X-Centric will monitor your systems and provide the latest Anti-Virus updates, Software Patches, and operating system patches to ensure all your systems are protected from the latest threats.


Need more? How about testing your users against phishing attempts, or malicious attachments? See how your users respond to email threats in real time and take action! We also offer a fully managed firewall solution created to always be up-to-date and secure.