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About HashiCorp

Leading Cloud Infrastructure Automation

Our software stack enables the provisioning, securing, connecting and running of apps and the infrastructure to support them.

We unlock the cloud operating model for every business and enable their digital transformation strategies to succeed.

Unlocking the Cloud Operating Model

Cloud Provisioning with Terraform

A common Cloud Operating Model
Core + Provider Model

  • Expose the unique services of each infrastructure platform, but provide a consistent workflow
  • 200+ Providers exist for any infrastructure or application element i. Enabled by the open source model of 1200+contributors

Vault Use Cases

Identity-based Security with Vault

Identity of requester authenticated against any identity model prior to granting access

Policies defined by the Security team and enforced at runtime.

Centralized Secrets Management

Encryption as a Service a. Encrypt all application traffic without app modification

Provision load-balancers to create static IP

Artifact deployed

Firewall rule updated to allow traffic

Average time to traffic ~ 6 weeks Load balancer sprawl ($$!) but also as single point of failure for each service

Networking with Consul

Service Registry enables Routing

  • From IP-Address to Name
  • Services register and discover each other. Consul server maintains the map of service location
  • Consul enables routing directly to services
  • Service Segmentation for Security
  • Consul Connect enables service-to-service communication
  • Foundation of zero-trust model “Service Mesh”

A common service registry across heterogeneous environments is the basis for multi-cloud service networking

Cloud Scheduling with Nomad

Nomad Use Cases

Flexible Container & Workload Organization

Deploy and manage any containerized, legacy, or batch application.

Efficient Resource Utilization

Increase resource utilization, reduce fleet sizes, and cut costs.

Multi-Cloud Workload Management

Safely manage workloads across regions and cloud providers