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X-centric Cybersecurity consultants bring you a full suite of Cybersecurity and IT services and solutions to address a wide array of your business needs. Our services are best-in-class, cost-effective, and designed to support the business of all sizes, be it small businesses, mid-size organizations, Government agencies and more.

Making Your Business Resilient

Developing proactive security initiatives.

Detecting and responding to threats.

Providing security operations support.

Safeguard enterprise network and devices.

Industry-specific procedures and tools.

With X-Centric, move in the right direction

Dedicated Team of Cybersecurity Experts

Comprehensive managed security consulting services


Access to Trending Market Insights


Deploying Experience-Based Knowledge.

How does X-Centric's Cyber Security Company Work ?

X-Centric's Cybersecurity Services can help you become more competitive by taking full advantage of the following technologies:


On-Prem to Cloud Migrations

Infrastructure as a Code/Automation

IT Infrastructure Roll out and Optimization

Remote Workforce Solutions

Securing Data in the Cloud

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is protecting networks, electronic gadgets, computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic operations, and data from online cyber-attacks. Also known as information technology security, it is used by companies to guard against unapproved access to information centres and other digital systems. X-Centric’s expert Cybersecurity consulting services in Wisconsin can help your business by outlining a robust cybersecurity policy that can accommodate a good security posture against malicious interventions meant to obtain, modify, eliminate, systems and swipe sensitive data.

Why does Cybersecurity Company Wisconsin matter to modern businesses?

The requirement for businesses to protect themselves from cyber-attacks has nevermore been important. Data gaps are growing more frequent and further damaging. The online world is getting much quicker than most businesses can keep speed with, which unavoidably leads to vulnerabilities in online systems.

Do Cybersecurity consulting firms follow a proven methodology during a project?

X-Centric’s cybersecurity experts take a company’s procedure and goals into account when executing solutions and implement technologies that merge wholly with a company’s prevailing infrastructure. X-Centric’s series of cybersecurity mechanisms include everything from cloud-based security measures, identity management, and threat containment. In addition, our Cybersecurity consulting services give you acumen into your security management with estimates of your sensitive data, crucial infrastructures, and applicability.

How do Cybersecurity consulting firms help your business?

We first conduct a cyber wellness check and evaluation, followed by the implementation of various tools. Next, we create personalized cybersecurity strategies tailored to me your company’s projected requirements. X-Centric offers end-to-end security consulting features, everything from project assurance to cloud infrastructure. We have an extensive range of expertise operating with an array of domains and sectors.

What are the benefits of Cybersecurity consulting services?

Cost reduction, mitigating risks, safety in rolling out new technologies are a few of the many benefits of onboard Cybersecurity professionals. X-Centric’s Cybersecurity consulting services have an accomplished and competent team that will implement sound and open-minded guidance that is created to accurately secure your business from the ever-changing wave of cyber threats. In addition, we guarantee that the best practices in the industry are applied in your company’s security structure.

What are the different types of Cybersecurity threats?

Malware, phishing, Man-in-the-middle attack, Denial-of-a-Service attack are some of the many types of cybersecurity threats faced by organizations almost every day. Accelerated adoption of developing technologies like AI, the Internet of Things (IoT), and cloud computing, has added new cyber threats for organizations while adding complexity to existing hazards. With cybercriminals frequently relying on advanced technologies, and with organizations not focused on safeguarding their data and IT devices or systems, they are open to these types of malicious attacks.

Top-Notch Quality

X-Centric fuses best practices and years of practical expertise to create solutions that are assured that support you exceed your business and technology goals. We are dedicated to delivering excellent technical solutions through quality interactions every step of the way. At X-Centric, we help you Innovate by Integrating the latest technology so that your business Operates at its fullest and X-Celerates towards growth.


CyberSecurity Company Wisconsin

We adopt the most advanced technologies from highly rated vendors to help outline solutions that keep your business secure and protected. We understand that the end-user experience is paramount in the cloud-connected mobile world. With a proven methodology, our secure mobility experts will work for creating secure mobility in your environment. 


Skilled Workforce

Our highly skilled CyberSecurity consultants have proficiencies across a vast array of technology solutions. The team holds strong analytical and problem-solving skills, excellent communications skills, self-direction, and proven leadership abilities with the capacity to tackle multiple responsibilities. 

Our Mission

Our goal is to assist our clients to lower their total cost of technology ownership while receiving the advantages of feature-rich tools that deliver sustained ROI, diminished risk, and expected results. With our CyberSecurity solutions, protect your business from all types of cyberattacks, risks, and threats. As your trusted solutions partner, we work with you to understand the key factors that drive your business and understand the challenges that help us design the appropriate practices suitable to your business to build greater resilience in the ever-evolving cyber panorama.