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In today’s connected world, protecting data and the integrity of an organization’s digital assets is important now more than ever.
A Cybersecurity attack can lead to loss of crucial data, identity theft, financial loss, and even extortion threats. Crucial infrastructures like financial service companies, hospitals, even your device, which is connected to the Internet, faces a series of cyber threats each day. With growing business demands and advancement in technology, defending against these threats is vital to sustaining our society’s functioning since attackers are becoming more innovative.
X-Centric brings a full suite of Cybersecurity solutions for organizations. Our services are best-in-class, cost-effective, and designed to support the business of all sizes ranging from small to mid-size organizations, Enterprise companies and government agencies and more.

Delivering cost-effective resolutions and technology to counter the enterprise-wide risk.

Highly skilled Cybersecurity professionals to efficiently handle your network security.

Our goal is to be your committed Cybersecurity solution partner.

World-class technologies and highly flexible security architecture.

Safeguarding your business from all types of security threats.

Why X-Centric Cybersecurity Company?

We have dedicated and agile CyberSecurity experts to meet your security goals in a shorter time

We have highly competent consultants with solid analytical and problem-solving skills proficiencies across a vast array of technology solutions


We are your one-stop-shop for your enterprise security solutions needs, working persistently to keep your data and business secure


We bring product-specific expertise with advanced CyberSecurity strategies to take your organization where it needs to be

What types of Cybersecurity solutions offered by us?

Custom-designed CyberSecurity solutions to defend your business technology in a fast-paced and ever-adapting threat landscape

Internal and External Security Assessments

Cloud security

Identity and Access Management

Data Protection and Recovery

Detection of unpatched systems

Server and host hardening

Endpoint Protection Strategy

What are some of the other clients saying about us?

For over 10 years, X-Centric IT Solutions and Johnson Financial Group have shared a business partnership that has helped both parties succeed while supporting locally owned Wisconsin companies. X-Centric is a loyal customer of Johnson Insurance, and has assisted Johnson Bank with several important IT initiatives. X-Centric and JFG are a great example of how Wisconsin-owned companies can share expertise to maximize success.

Brent Maher

Chief Technology Officer, Johnson Financial Group

I have worked with X-Centric ever since they first opened their doors, and I knew the owners for a number of years before that. The reason why I have worked with them, and will continue doing so, is quite simple – they do what they say they’ll do and they are good at it. It is difficult to find technology expertise that can be trusted to perform so I’m glad I already found it!

Ryan Obershaw

Director of Business Technology, CCLS, Inc.

My experience with X-Centric IT Solutions has been nothing short of extraordinary. X-Centric has a proven track record of planning, designing, and implementing large-scale infrastructure projects – as well as providing the right technical resources for those smaller IT needs that arise. They understand that IT isn’t always just about the technology, rather, IT is relied on for making sound technological decisions in order to support the business, and to that end, X-Centric consistently knocks it out of the park!

Doug Breitnauer

IT Infrastructure and Operations Manager, SVA Corporate Services

I am incredibly grateful to the X-Centric team who were able to take our struggling systems migration project, analyze the core issues, and turn it around. Their technical expertise became invaluable when they made some extremely efficient recommendations and were able to follow through on the implementation. X-Centric saved countless man-hours and we have achieved the end outcomes we originally set out to achieve with their help.

Ryan Gray

Chief Executive Officer, My Better Finance

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Cybersecurity important?

It is a digital world, and everything one does that is connected to a network is exposed to complex vulnerabilities. As businesses grow and technologies advance, malicious attacks on IT assets can have catastrophic implications. To prevent such invasions, every organization must invest in Cyber security solutions like encrypted connections, firewalls, etc., to safeguard their digital assets and client information. Both the extent and sophistication of cyber perils are steadily increasing, and pose potential risks to enterprises, government, security establishments, and several other crucial infrastructural assets.

How can Cyber security implementation benefit a business?

For any organization or business, the cost estimated with Cyber security is vast. Along with theft of intellectual property, financial damage, lost productivity with disruption to the normal course of business can push any organization to the edge. With cyber-attacks becoming a common occurrence in today’s time, any and every organization must invest in a solid Cybersecurity plan to defend against such attacks or create a strategy for recovery. Also, when a business can prove to its clients that it is adequately protected against all types of cyber risks, this can inspire trust in the clients and assures them that their data isn’t compromised.

What does Cybersecurity hygiene refer to?

It refers to measures taken by users to maintain the safety of the devices they access and improve online security to deter cyberattacks, which should be followed routinely to ward off such threats. The scope of accessibility the Internet brings is both a boon and bane when it comes to security. Appropriate CyberSecurity hygiene habits revolve around classifying the most probable hazards and accordingly responding to those risks.

How to build a Cyber security solution?

Cyber security solution is never a one-size-fits-all product. Enterprises need to embrace a systematic strategy to their Cybersecurity needs for defence, monitoring, and restoration in a cyber attack. Depending upon the requirements, the solution may vary like a mixture of email protection, anti-virus software, firewalls, VPN connections, and data backup, to list a few.

What are the differences between Cyber Attack, Cyber Threat and Cyber Risk?

Cyber Attack, Cyber Threat, and Cyber Risk can be used interchangeably, but there are subtle variations between the three terms. Namely – Cyber Attack is an offensive manoeuvre that targets computer systems intending to steal information. Cyber Threat means the possibility of an attack with a malicious purpose. In contrast, Cyber Risk is any risk associated with revenue loss, potential disruption of the function of an organization due to unauthorized access, or erroneous use of its information system.

What is a Cyber security framework?

A Cybersecurity framework presents a common language and set of measures specifying the best methods an organization follows to control its cybersecurity risk. Such frameworks decrease a company’s susceptibility to vulnerabilities. Companies of all sizes across various domains and business environments confront the challenge of ensuring their important systems and data safety. An organization needs an imperative, well-thought Cybersecurity plan to defend its vital infrastructure and information systems to address these difficulties.

What is Cybersecurity architecture?

Cybersecurity architecture or network architecture is a structure that defines the organization’s norms and procedures of a computer network, including both security and network features. It also describes how several elements of a computer system are classified, synced, and blended. It’s designed and built to oversee the layout of an entire product/system. It helps state security commands and how they relate to the framework of the overall operations of an organization. The main goal is to maintain the vital system’s quality properties such as confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

How much does a Cyber security service cost?

Cybersecurity solutions are based on an organization’s need, the level of security they are looking for; hence only when the specifics are determined can the cost be estimated.
X-Centric is known for delivering business-centric solutions that are cost-effective and technically efficient. Regardless of the company size, the solutions are designed by a team of competent and agile Cyber security professionals with years of experience in several domains bringing with them unmatched intelligence and insights to secure your business.

Best Cybersecurity Company

X-Centric fuses best practices and years of practical expertise to create CyberSecurity solutions that are assured to support you exceed your business and technology goals. We are dedicated to delivering excellent technical solutions through quality interactions every step of the way.

Mobility at the Core

We adopt the most advanced technologies from vendors like Microsoft, Citrix, and VMware to help outline solutions that keep your business secure and protected. We understand that the end-user experience is paramount in the cloud-connected mobile world. With a proven methodology, our secure mobility experts will work for creating secure mobility in your environment.

Skilled Workforce

Our highly skilled CyberSecurity consultants have proficiencies across a vast array of technology solutions. The team holds strong analytical and problem-solving skills, excellent communications skills, self-direction, and proven leadership abilities with the capacity to tackle multiple responsibilities.

Our Mission

Our goal is to assist our clients to lower their total cost of technology ownership while receiving the advantages of feature-rich tools that deliver sustained ROI, diminished risk, and expected results. With our CyberSecurity solutions, protect your business from all types of cyberattacks, risks, and threats. As your trusted solutions partner, we work with you to understand the key factors that drive your business and understand the challenges that help us design the appropriate practices suitable to your business to build greater resilience in the ever-evolving cyber panorama.