Cloud IT Consultants

We are here to assist you in anything and everything related to the cloud.

X-Centric’s Cloud IT Consultants work alongside your team to create a Cloud transformation roadmap that aligns with your company’s business goals. Being a seasoned IT infrastructure management & transformational service company, our diverse Cloud consulting Services will bring in high efficiency, precision & guaranteeing excellent customer delight. As a proficient leader in what we do, with X-Centric be assured of receiving round-the-clock assistance, the superior quality of work, a highly experienced team, all this and more at competitive prices.



X-Centric’s Cloud IT Consulting offerings include but are not limited to the following:

Cloud Assessment & Planning

Cloud Migrations/Deployment

Infrastructure as Code/Infrastructure Automation

Monitoring and Cost Optimization

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Securing Data in the Cloud

Why to Choose X-Centric for Cloud IT Consulting?

Get set to regenerate your technology infrastructure by shifting to the Cloud with help of our expert Cloud consultants.

Years of expertise in fulfilling a multifaceted project with robust technologies.

Enable innovation by harnessing the power of Cloud technology.


Be assured of gaining efficient system performance with high-end security in your cloud environments.


Empower your employees to work securely from anywhere and on any device


Use the dynamism of enterprise class technologies to take your business to greater heights

How Does X-Centric’s Cloud Consulting Services Work?

We INNOVATE the best plan that will smoothly INTEGRATE with your business goals so that you can OPERATE with ease and X-CELERATE your business to the pinnacle of success.

Boost innovation, unlock possibilities and realize your strategic IT objectives quicker than ever

We asses and comprehend your current IT set up and then design Cloud solutions that are suitable for your business

Helps in reducing operational costs and re-focus on the core of your business

A far-fetching implications on your general IT strategy and future IT technology acquisitions

Our expertly curated plans will enable you to make an informed Cloud and IT decisions to attain your business goals

Helping you build sustainable business with scalable and robust Cloud solutions

Build your workflows on Cloud to optimize efficiency and enhance productivity

Save time, money and effort as we enable a smooth transition of your existing systems to a Cloud based system

User Testimonials on X-Centric's Cloud IT Consultants

For over 10 years, X-Centric IT Solutions and Johnson Financial Group have shared a business partnership that has helped both parties succeed while supporting locally owned Wisconsin companies. X-Centric is a loyal customer of Johnson Insurance, and has assisted Johnson Bank with several important IT initiatives. X-Centric and JFG are a great example of how Wisconsin-owned companies can share expertise to maximize success.
Brent Maher

Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Johnson, Financial Group

I have worked with X-Centric ever since they first opened their doors, and I knew the owners for a number of years before that. The reason why I have worked with them, and will continue doing so, is quite simple – they do what they say they’ll do and they are good at it. It is difficult to find technology expertise that can be trusted to perform so I’m glad I already found it!
Mike Turner

Director of Business Technology, CCLS, Inc.

My experience with X-Centric IT Solutions has been nothing short of extraordinary. X-Centric has a proven track record of planning, designing, and implementing large-scale infrastructure projects – as well as providing the right technical resources for those smaller IT needs that arise. They understand that IT isn’t always just about the technology, rather, IT is relied on for making sound technological decisions in order to support the business, and to that end, X-Centric consistently knocks it out of the park!
Doug Breitnauer

IT Infrastructure and Operations Manager, SVA, Corporate Services

I am incredibly grateful to the X-Centric team who were able to take our struggling systems migration project, analyze the core issues, and turn it around. Their technical expertise became invaluable when they made some extremely efficient recommendations and were able to follow through on the implementation. X-Centric saved countless man-hours and we have achieved the end outcomes we originally set out to achieve with their help.
Ryan Gray

Chief Executive Officer, My Better Finance

Frequently Asked Questions

What are cloud consulting services?

With the explosive growth of devices, applications, and data, modern-day businesses need an IT environment that is flexible, scalable, and perform well to meet these demands. Cloud computing has long been the solution to tactfully counter the data and technology challenges businesses face these days. Cloud consulting services help resolve all such issues by supporting you select the right cloud solutions that unite smoothly with your existing system while assuring to deliver optimal revenue on technology investment.

How do Cloud services work, and what are its benefits?

Cloud services are fully maintained by cloud computing service providers and are made available to you from these service provider’s servers where it is hosted. This eliminates the need for a business to host the applications on the servers on its premises. Some of the key advantages it offers a business are the ability to scale quickly, lower costs, no need to invest in infrastructure and resources to manage the service, and bring in a great degree of flexibility.

What is cloud strategy consulting?

Cloud strategy consulting is nothing but offering a robust, cutting-edge solution that is cost-effective, reliable, scalable, and is safe. The key to thriving cloud adoption is to develop the right strategy, and our Cloud Consultant specialists design the right strategy for your business as per your needs and requirements.

What are cloud services?

The phrase “cloud services” applies to an extensive range of services performed on-demand to businesses and consumers over the internet. These services are intended to present smooth access to applications and devices without depending upon in-house infrastructure or hardware. Many of us use Cloud-based services in our daily workday without realizing it. From checking your inbox to sharing documents online and so is all possible due to cloud services.

What are the different types of cloud services?

There are three types – Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

PaaS is a web-based setting where developers can develop cloud apps. It provides a database, operating system, and programming language that businesses can use to form cloud-based Software. On the other hand, IaaS offers various cloud service providers the foundation to manage SaaS tools that they do not want to host on their premises. It serves as the comprehensive data center framework, eradicating the need for resource-intensive, on-site installations. SaaS, a popular cloud-based service, includes various services, like file storage and backup, web-based email, and project management tools.

Benefits of X-Centric's Cloud IT Consulting Services


Unique and proprietary X-CELERATE methodology addresses the entire IT lifecycle. Cover the 12 critical points of failure BEFORE they become a problem

X-Centric’s Cloud Consultancy services are designed to help your business accelerate at speed to overtake its competition. The methodology used by our in-house team is designed to cover and address the critical points in your business and set it right from the start so that you can achieve maximum growth and transformation.

Quality results, on time, within budget, and with predictable results – no nasty surprises

Time is the most valuable asset, and we know how much it means to you and your business. We work with speed – designing and delivering Cloud-based solutions so that you take on the path to growth and success, leaving your competitors behind. We at X-Centric assure you of quality, time-efficient, and cost-effective solutions that bring the results you wish to see.

US Based Staff – ensuring quality, no delayed response, and keeping jobs local

We hire and encourage local talent. Hence our teams are made up of geniuses and dedicated Cloud experts who know the domain like the back of their hand. Our team of experts promises to deliver quality work, sees your goals as their own, and dedicate themselves to attain it with an eye on the clock to get everything done on time. You know when it’s X-Centric, it’s a job well done and on time. 

Depth of IT experience and technical expertise for your best possible solution – we solve real-world problems.

We go beyond promises. We deliver value. We understand you, your business, and the hard work that goes into getting a business started. Our focus area – create the best customer experience utilizing the depth of our IT experience and technical intellect to give you only the best solution and solve problems that matter. We work to make your business technologically sound while giving you ample time to focus on the areas that demand your attention.

Certified to the highest levels in multiple technologies

Our work speaks for us. We have created Cloud-based solutions for multiple organizations in various domains and have leveraged the power of technologies to give the best resolutions. Our in-house expert team of Cloud Consultants is with you every step of the way, helping you realize your strategic IT goals faster and capitalize on the wonders of cloud computing.