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A stable and solid hybrid cloud approach is more than an integral part of your digital transformation journey; it greatly impacts how it enhances the business and propels innovation.

The cloud consulting strategy at X-Centric begins with a consultative method by understanding your technology landscape and business barriers. We deep-dive into knowing what you need and the business outcomes you are seeking. Our expert Cloud consultant experts suggest and implement those cloud strategies which are vital for your business. Through a proven process, our process helps you to make the right decisions to maximize your ROI and expedite your time to value.

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Delivering Successful And Robust Cloud Solutions That Add Value To Your Business


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User Testimonials On Cloud IT Consulting For X-Centric

For over 10 years, X-Centric IT Solutions and Johnson Financial Group have shared a business partnership that has helped both parties succeed while supporting locally owned Wisconsin companies. X-Centric is a loyal customer of Johnson Insurance, and has assisted Johnson Bank with several important IT initiatives. X-Centric and JFG are a great example of how Wisconsin-owned companies can share expertise to maximize success.

Brent Maher

Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Johnson, Financial Group

I have worked with X-Centric ever since they first opened their doors, and I knew the owners for a number of years before that. The reason why I have worked with them, and will continue doing so, is quite simple – they do what they say they’ll do and they are good at it. It is difficult to find technology expertise that can be trusted to perform so I’m glad I already found it!

Mike Turner

Director of Business Technology, CCLS, Inc.

My experience with X-Centric IT Solutions has been nothing short of extraordinary. X-Centric has a proven track record of planning, designing, and implementing large-scale infrastructure projects – as well as providing the right technical resources for those smaller IT needs that arise. They understand that IT isn’t always just about the technology, rather, IT is relied on for making sound technological decisions in order to support the business, and to that end, X-Centric consistently knocks it out of the park!

Doug Breitnauer

IT Infrastructure and Operations Manager, SVA, Corporate Services

I am incredibly grateful to the X-Centric team who were able to take our struggling systems migration project, analyze the core issues, and turn it around. Their technical expertise became invaluable when they made some extremely efficient recommendations and were able to follow through on the implementation. X-Centric saved countless man-hours and we have achieved the end outcomes we originally set out to achieve with their help.

Ryan Gray

Chief Executive Officer, My Better Finance

Frequently Asked Questions

What Value Can IT Cloud Consulting Services Add To Businesses?

 Cloud is one of the most notable technical challenges your business will face. It is equally essential for your business to be ready to take advantage of this technology transformation as it brings in more agility, scalability and accelerates growth. The fusion of private clouds, public clouds, and legacy IT environments can be an uphill task sometimes. Cloud IT Consultants essentially provide support to the clients and also help them chart out a plan to build a solution for migration and efficient Cloud Computing services. A cloud consultant is responsible for creating and implementing migration strategies, the practice of cloud services, and many such crucial actions that influence a business more positively. And this is where we come in, helping you discover the right solutions that match your business goals.  X-Centric, one of the best Cloud IT consultants in Milwaukee, is just what you need to help your business discover and harness the power of Cloud to advance your business.

What Services Are Provided By Cloud IT Consulting Company In Milwaukee?

Whether you want to move your entire data center to the Cloud or leverage particular cloud services such as reserve and DR, compute, data storage, or AI, we recognize the complexities and design resolutions, best practices to get you where you want to be. Cloud IT consultants at X-Centric help you figure out the steps to make the best use of cloud technology. Be it maintaining the operations, and compliance procedure, managing expenses, optimizing your business process, and rake in those profits, there are many things and areas you need to focus on. And specialist cloud IT consultants help you with technological concepts. As one of the top Professional Cloud IT Consultants in Milwaukee, X-Centric offers the best services in implementing cloud solutions delivering significant ROI.

How Do Cloud IT Consultants Work?

Being a leading name in offering specialized Cloud IT consultants for big organizations, we are technical, focused on specialized workloads to get your business where it needs to be. Our team of experts performs consulting activities concerning Cloud technologies and solutions that align with your business requirements. X-Centric clouds IT consultants, the top Cloud IT consultants for enterprises, specialize in helping businesses relocate their current systems to the Cloud by choosing the most suitable platform and bettering high-level IT architecture designs.

Why Do You Need Cloud IT Consultants For Your Organizations?

Harnessing the potential of the Cloud is the key to stand out from the competition. The dynamic market requirements and huge loads of data open up a doorway of possibilities for modern-day businesses. And while running a business requires more than you need to take care of, technology may not be your work area. This is where you onboard experts like X-Centric, a top Cloud IT Consultants Firm in Milwaukee, to take care of your IT cloud needs. Cloud-based assistance delivers a much more agile and secure or dependable IT infrastructure. Our Cloud IT experts bring benefits like making your business flexible to adapt to any changes, ensuring business continuity, cost-effective strategies, and many more.

Why Do Big Enterprises Need Cloud IT Consultants Services?

Today’s enterprises need robust Cloud IT consulting services that add value to the business. Many businesses are working hard to adjust to marketplace developments. They can also keep pace with new trends in the technological domain and are ineffective at identifying and reacting to these. And that’s the reason big businesses need reliable Cloud IT consultants who can handle and help the business stayed connected with the latest developments in technology and innovations. X-Centric, the best Cloud IT Consultants in Milwaukee, offers expert Cloud IT consultants for big organizations with a team of seasoned Cloud IT experts from various domains.

What To Look For In Cloud IT Consultants Before Hiring Them?

Cloud Strategy is a division of IT or Information Strategy and is a crucial aspect that supports business strategy. While looking for Cloud IT Consultants, the main things to take into account are their expertise in administration multi-cloud environment, managerial acumen, and intelligent business judgment. At X-Centric, an expert Cloud Services and Solutions, you will obtain specialists with an outstanding level of knowledge and technical knowledge that will help your business to meet all of its cloud computing requirements. 

Best Cloud IT Consultants Milwaukee

We bring forth our exceptional Cloud IT consulting services for big businesses. Our expert strategies are kept in alignment and keeping your strategic initiatives in mind. We deliver an outstanding customer experience in every communication. We can assist in guiding your business ahead with profoundly practical approaches and achieve innovative resolutions with our specialist consultancy services.

Top IT Cloud Consulting services

As one of the leading cloud solutions consulting companies, we offer business-centric resolutions to help you diminish the total cost, drive efficiency and scalability with the ability to respond to the emergence of new technologies swiftly.

Offering Scalable Cloud Ecosystems

With the changing technology scenario, you will not have much time in hand to focus on your core business. As experts in delivering Scalable Cloud Ecosystems, your business will receive the benefits of feature-rich tools that deliver proven ROI, reduced risk, and predictable results.

Best Cloud Service Providers

No solution is not one-size-fits-all. Every business functions differently; hence the Cloud IT needs for these businesses also vary.  We bring robust Cloud IT consulting services that are assured to help you exceed your business and technology goals. With X-Centric’s expert services, your business stays secure and effective without taking up invaluable work time.

Best Cloud Computing Support

Proven in our capability as the best Cloud IT consultants in the USA, our team holds strong analytical and problem-solving ability with the capacity of executing multiple responsibilities. We understand that creating a thriving solution begins with extensive knowledge of the business goals and operating processes. Our expertise in a vast assemblage of technological solutions will empower you to discover new possibilities, leading to augmented productivity, usability and effectiveness, and global distribution.