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Rated as one of the top Cloud Computing company in Wisconsin for big organizations, X-Centric boosts your business in such a way that expedites your cloud onboarding journey with a seamless, low-risk, security-centric, and cost-optimized strategy that addresses your migration challenges.

Increase Your Business Agility

Seamlessly maintain hybrid cloud environments.

Gain operational efficiency.

Secure cloud governance and compliance over your IT environment.

Best cloud migration strategy that suits your business model.

Higher scalability with simpler administration measures.

Why Choose X-Centric's Expert Cloud Computing Services?

Proffering hybrid cloud computing services

Broad expertise in planning and implementation & Devising security-rich cloud computing solutions


Efficient on-premise hardware and software management


Lowered costs, lessened risks, and maximum performance

How Does X-Centric's Cloud Computing Company Wisconsin Work?

X-Centric's Cloud Computing Service can help you become more competitive by taking full advantage of the following technologies:


On-Prem to Cloud Migrations

Infrastructure as a Code/Automation

IT Infrastructure Roll out and Optimization

Remote Workforce Solutions

Securing Data in the Cloud

User Testimonials Of Cloud Computing Company Wisconsin

For over 10 years, X-Centric IT Solutions and Johnson Financial Group have shared a business partnership that has helped both parties succeed while supporting locally owned Wisconsin companies. X-Centric is a loyal customer of Johnson Insurance, and has assisted Johnson Bank with several important IT initiatives. X-Centric and JFG are a great example of how Wisconsin-owned companies can share expertise to maximize success.

Brent Maher

Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Johnson, Financial Group

I have worked with X-Centric ever since they first opened their doors, and I knew the owners for a number of years before that. The reason why I have worked with them, and will continue doing so, is quite simple – they do what they say they’ll do and they are good at it. It is difficult to find technology expertise that can be trusted to perform so I’m glad I already found it!

Mike Turner

Director of Business Technology, CCLS, Inc.

My experience with X-Centric IT Solutions has been nothing short of extraordinary. X-Centric has a proven track record of planning, designing, and implementing large-scale infrastructure projects – as well as providing the right technical resources for those smaller IT needs that arise. They understand that IT isn’t always just about the technology, rather, IT is relied on for making sound technological decisions in order to support the business, and to that end, X-Centric consistently knocks it out of the park!

Doug Breitnauer

IT Infrastructure and Operations Manager, SVA, Corporate Services

I am incredibly grateful to the X-Centric team who were able to take our struggling systems migration project, analyze the core issues, and turn it around. Their technical expertise became invaluable when they made some extremely efficient recommendations and were able to follow through on the implementation. X-Centric saved countless man-hours and we have achieved the end outcomes we originally set out to achieve with their help.

Ryan Gray

Chief Executive Officer, My Better Finance

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cloud Migration?

Cloud migration is the method of leading digital business operations into the cloud. It is like a physical movement without moving data, applications, and IT processes from any data stations to other data hubs. Most frequently, “cloud migration” represents the move from on-premises or legacy infrastructure to the cloud. However, the word can also refer to a journey from one cloud to another cloud.

X-Centric’s Cloud Computing Services in Wisconsin is committed to facilitate and control your IT infrastructure. Our team of expert consultants can efficiently reconstruct your organization’s IT ecosystem with excellent and preferred cloud computing services that matter the most to your business.

What are cloud computing services?

Cloud computing means the delivery of on-demand computing services through online-based solutions. Cloud computing services cover a comprehensive range of alternatives from the basics of networking, storage, and processing power through natural language processing and artificial intelligence and standard office applications. In other words, any service that doesn’t necessarily require your presence close to the computer hardware that you are applying can now be achieved via the cloud. Cloud Computing Services delivered by X-Centric will transform your entire business by assisting you to move faster and be more successful than your competitors.

How do cloud computing companies work?

In simpler words, cloud computing is when computing services are stored and reached over the internet rather than physical hard drives. The cloud is a decentralized site to distribute information over satellite channels. Every cloud application has a host. The hosting company is accountable for managing the huge data stations that deliver the security, storage space, and computing capability required to manage all data users transmit to the cloud. With decades of experience, X-Centric offers the best cloud computing services that meet your cloud computing needs by helping you select the best cloud solutions that combine easily and produce an optimal return on technology investment.

What is a scalable cloud ecosystem?

Cloud scalability in cloud computing refers to the capacity to expand or shrink your IT resources as required to match varying demands. Scalability is one of the trademarks of the cloud and the principal driver of its exploding prevalence with businesses. For example, X-Centric Cloud Computing Services in the US offer both elastic and scalable resolutions. While these two terms seem alike, cloud scalability and elasticity roles are poles apart.

Elasticity relates to a system’s capacity to increase or contract dynamically in response to fluctuating workload requirements. An elastic operation automatically adjusts to balance resources with demand as closely as possible in real-time.

Why do you need Cloud Computing services for your business?

Usage of the cloud is increasing among all sorts of businesses due to the many advantages it brings. However, in addition to discovering the cloud’s benefits, it can also carry risks if not stationed accurately. This may lead you to ask whether using the cloud is best for your business. However, if you take precise actions and work with the most reliable partners, you can reduce risks and experience the benefits of cloud-based IT services. X-Centric’s Cloud Computing Services in Wisconsin will help your business to transfer to the cloud bringing with it a multitude of benefits like lower cost, access to automatic updates, faster implementation, flexibility, and scalability, along with increased security.

What to look for in a Cloud Computing Company before hiring them?

While hiring a cloud computing company, the main things to consider are their expertise in handling a multi-cloud environment, managerial acumen, and intelligent business judgment. The cloud computing experts at X-Centric are professionals with an exceptional level of expertise to meet all of your cloud computing requirements.

Cloud Computing Services In Wisconsin

X-Centric offers security-rich cloud computing solutions that are assured that support you exceed your business and technology goals.

Cloud Computing Services for enterprises

Being experienced in IT infrastructure management & transformational services, we offer multiple cloud computing services to enterprises from several domains. X-Centric’s Scalable Cloud Ecosystems will help you Innovate by Integrating the latest technology so that your business Operates at its fullest and X-Celerates towards growth.

Cloud Computing Company Wisconsin

As one of the leading professionals in Cloud migration services in the US, X-Centric Cloud computing services are guaranteed to offer productivity, accuracy, and long-standing client delight. Our specialists are ready to provide for your diverse business requirements from infrastructure configuration deployment to primary site implementation.