Which version of XenApp are you currently using? If it’s 6.5, the time to upgrade is now. Citrix announced the end of life for XenApp 6.5 will be June 30, 2018. To avoid any lapses in support, you must create and implement a plan to migrate your current Citrix environment to 7.x.

The version getting all of the buzz right now is 7.15, which is a Long Term Service Release (LTSR), a new service option that’s putting more control in the hands of the customers. The big question is, for XenApp 7.15, is it worth the upgrade? The answer is yes, and this is why:

Top 5 Reasons

  1. The obvious reason to upgrade is the 6.5 EOL issue. There will be no support, no updates, and you’ll be running 6.5 as is.
  2. There are some great options that 7.15 boasts, namely the LTSR option. LTSR is a game changer. Are you one of the companies that doesn’t want to upgrade every time you turn around? No problem, with LTSR you are able to access fixes without adding new functionality. LTSR allows you to avoid entering into a current release program so rather than upgrading 4 times per year, you can plan ahead for your upgrades and set an upgrade timeline that is right for you.
  3. 10 years of support. That’s right, 10 years—5 years of mainstream support and an additional 5 years of extended support can be purchased if needed. This provides platform stability that you can count on.
  4. Features you loved in 6.5 that went away in the early 7.x updates are coming back in 7.15. Local Host Cache is back, along with zone preference, app limits, and tags.
  5. While Windows 10 is fully supported, 7.15 LTSR will support 2008 R2 and Windows 7, giving you time to migrate off of these platforms when you’re ready.

Now you know you have to upgrade, but how are you going to do it? Do you have the time, the resources, the know-how, did I mention the time, to complete this before the looming EOL date? Let X-Centric help get you migrated to 7.15 before the June 30 deadline. Call us today and our team of Citrix engineers will work with you to devise your upgrade plan.

To speak with our sales team, call (262)320-4477 or email sales@x-centric.com today.