Most people barely have time to keep up with their own job duties, let alone all of the changes coming to their Office 365 environment. In this series, we’ll highlight some changes and new features coming to Office 365. These are a few things we picked up last week. Hopefully it will be helpful for the busy admin, support team, or organization that supports an Office 365 environment.

1. Message Center Major Updates Microsoft is changing the way notifications are released and are going to better highlight “Major Updates”. The idea is to let people know how long changes will be in First/Targeted release prior to being rolled out to everyone. This is a welcome addition, because sometimes it is hard to tell what is coming and when. See here for more information and for definitions of a “Major Update”.

2. The “Mail” tile is being renamed to “Outlook” in the new app launcher. The Mail, Calendar, People, and tasks tiles will go away for anyone that hasn’t used them in the last 45 days. Here is a link to info on the new app launcher and what to expect.

3. The “Shared with Me” view in OneDrive is being updated. Now users will be able to more easily see all of the files shared with them and who shared them.

4. Connect to the Security & Compliance Center from an MFA enabled account in PowerShell. Microsoft has been (slowly) adding support for multi-factor enabled authentication in everything that connects to Office 365 or Azure via PowerShell. The new module can be accessed in the Office 365 portal under Hybrid. Exchange connectivity also supports MFA in the same module.

5. Exchange Online Protection is going to start doing RFC 5322 validation of email addresses. Invalid addresses may or may not have been marked as spam in the past, but now they will. This is set to hit all customers on November 9th, 2017.

Hopefully these tidbits help. If you have any questions, email me at