Every industry in the globe has undergone significant changes in technology in the past two decades. When it comes to IT Consulting Services, this industry has implemented many technology trends that have changed the very landscape of many existing and new fields. Trade analysts and business experts predict that changes will happen even in this year. This article will act as an eye-opener to the IT Consulting Trends to follow in 2021. 


Industries IT Consulting Services Firms Have to Take Note in 2021 



Present Situation of IT Consulting Services Companies in the Globe 


There are millions of IT Consulting Companies in every US State and amidst the Covid pandemic. There are hundreds of companies even in a State such as Wisconsin. Revenue in the entire globe for IT Consulting declined compared to the previous year, a reflection of the economic crisis due to the Covid-19 pandemic and reduction of corporate profits. To survive the ordeal, every IT consulting firm had to update/modify its technologies to meet clients’ requirements, that is, remote working and other methods to keep the business loss minimal. Yes, the companies experienced challenges in making the changes, but they ensured that clients’ businesses did not suffer losses. The main reason, the companies, already had done proper research and remained prepared to handle the challenges. This helped avoid pitfalls when accepting new technology changes in projects of clients.

The globe has experienced another pandemic (second wave), and corporate companies of international repute depend on external IT support consultants to assist them in designing new services/products. Please note, this industry also has thousands of freelance IT Consultants who offer services to companies. We are a reputed IT Consulting Firm in Wisconsin. We have certified professionals in emerging and cutting-edge technologies. Our management has outlined the fields they need to pay attention to, and the changes we can expect during the year. 


What are the IT Consulting Trends to focus on for the year 2021? 


International companies also seek our IT consultants’ help in making their existing operational processes or Software align with new technologies and demands such as Modern Workspaces, Security, Compliance, Mobility and, more. Implementing these technologies in an existing company or helping a start-up work efficiently by aligning processes will be the major challenges for every IT Consulting Services company in 2021. Let us discuss in detail these technologies. 



1.Cloud Computing 

Many corporate organizations are having the vital information of millions of customers in their database servers. Many have moved their Software and operations to the cloud, but the numbers are small. Since there has a recent shift of employees to work from home, the demand for cloud servers has risen. The consumers who make use of the cloud want the best value in terms of time and service. The companies offering Cloud services depend on IT consulting firms to complete the infrastructure architecture, software documentation, and training of employees with proper security measures in place. So, if you plan to move your services, businesses, or operations to the cloud, then our company, X-Centric, has the best IT Consultants in Wisconsin or any part of the globe. Please note, we offer high-quality services in three of the cloud types – Infrastructure as a Service, PaaS (Platform as a Service), Software as a Service (SaaS). Our experts can also help you choose any of the Cloud Servers (Private, Hybrid, and Public). Cloud technology will impact the software industry, and as a company offering the best IT Consulting Services in Wisconsin, we are happy to be part of the change.



2.Modern Workspaces 

Yes, it is a pandemic time, and almost every company has employees working from home. However, the same situation is not prevalent in every part of the globe, and in some countries, for some businesses such as medical services, essential Government Offices, they still work around the hour. Every multinational company worth its name in a specific industry always have their office interiors decorated as per their business objective and technology demands. It is undoubtedly that IT consultants have to gear up, even this year (2021), to meet the demands of large corporations that want to have a modern workspace environment in their office setup. 


3.Digital Transformation

The situation in many parts of the globe is social distancing and staying at home. So, online shopping websites and E-commerce are having a heyday. Many customers who always preferred to shop at malls and other places have no option but to move online. So, famous online business owners are on their toes to implement new innovative technologies such as AI, VR, AR to improve customer engagement to boost their revenue and outsmart the competitors. Also, the websites receive a huge volume of personalized data about customer experiences, and with the help of IT consultant experts, they can use this data to accelerate sales productivity, acquire new customers, retain the old ones by transforming existing processes. 


4.Security and Compliance

One of the major challenges an international company face is online security. The time has come where a business enterprise has to move ahead of traditional security tools and implement security procedures as per the recent technology. Else, there are umpteen chances their security network can suffer a breach. Since many companies have employees working from home, they also need to monitor their activities and keep a strict tab on data security to prevent leaks. Large companies will depend on IT consultant companies to streamline the processes to identify security loopholes, automate operations, implement governance procedures, etc.


IT consultants also need to keep a tab on AI, ML, Data analytics, Outsourcing, Failure as a Service (Faas), 5G Cell Processing, Edge Computing, Blockchain, the Internet of Things (IoT), and more.



As a reputed IT consulting company in Wisconsin, we get hired by large corporations and enterprises to help them achieve their business goals and overcome hurdles in operations when implementing new emerging technologies. 


Our IT Consultants work on three types that are: 

A.Strategic – They have to design a new IT strategy based on an emerging technology

  1. Tactical – Implementation of new Software to the existing processes 
  2. Operational – Development of an application 


IT Consultants should always be looking for changes in technology that big organizations use to make their processes more efficient. In this article, we have outlined only four technologies that can influence the IT consulting trends to follow in 2021, but there are many more. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep up with the latest updates.