Among the various online security threats, big enterprises or corporate fear are ransomware attacks. If you are an entrepreneur, it is important to conduct regular checks on security policies, protocols and practices. This blog focuses on the five steps to avoid being the next ransomware victim and the methods our X-centric services can offer assistance.

In recent times, ransomware hackers have attacked even health care organizations and oil companies. Every organization that has not updated its security protocols has become easy prey to ransomware attacks. The main reason transnational corporations rely on external IT consulting services to keep their security needs to be updated on recent trends.

Attacks By Ransomware: Reasons Given By Cybersecurity Experts 

How Ransomware Gains Access Weak Points for Entry
Phishing Emails Old security procedures in companies
Password not changed for a long time. Weak password/no security culture followed in companies.
Browsing malicious websites/ads by employees No security software in company system/security software not updated
Making use of employee laptops affected with malware Strong security software non-existent in company network


Opt For The Best Cybersecurity Services Practices To Help Prevent Ransomware Attacks

Companies Should Adhere To Security Cultures 

Why do some companies become prone to ransomware attacks? Some employees focus on efficiency and saving time without following the security measures. So, every department in an international organization must place more importance on security protocols that have to be followed by the first-level executive. The security culture followed to the T can prevent any security threats. Our experts from the X-centric cybersecurity services team also provide proactive security initiatives to alert a company of future attacks.

Training To Employees

An organization can have the best security measures in place. But, if the employees check ransomware links, then the network can get compromised. So, they should get basic training on phishing emails and other types of attacks. Then, they will not become a victim. Also, the IT department can conduct checks with fake ransomware attacks. This will make the employees remain alert. 

Companies can also create a separate in-house forum for the employees. This is to report suspicious activity they received in email or messages. Every executive has to change his/her passwords to networks or portals every 15 days.

Do you feel your in-house security team needs support in providing training to the employees on security procedures? Do you also feel your security needs an upgrade? Then seek the services of a cybersecurity company famous for its services. On our part,

X-centric cybersecurity professionals have the expertise to quickly detect and respond to ransomware attacks thereby, preventing loss of data and vital information of your customers.

Limit The Rights To Users

A big corporate company may have hundreds of departments. By following the right-to-access method, you can prevent an entire network from getting bugged if there is an online attack. For example, accounts department employees should have access only to their department. They should not have access to the marketing section. This method can prevent an entire network from getting bugged if, in case of an online attack. If your IT department needs guidance for this procedure, you can hire X-centric team services as an external IT consultant. We are proficient in implementing this type of industry-specific software/tools.

Case Study

You are a company dealing with accounts of multinational organizations in Wisconsin, US. Your HR team complains the executives are receiving suspicious emails in their folders. Your security team conducts an audit. They find that your company servers could become the target of ransomware attacks. Your job as CEO of the company is to prevent the attack and save the customer’s vital information. On the advice of your Board of Directors, your search for the best company offering cybersecurity services in Wisconsin. After reading the reviews, you finally select our company, X-centric, to take care of the issue. Our professionals devise the limit to rights among departments of your company. They also plug the loopholes to prevent future ransomware attacks.

 Network Segmentation 

In recent times, corporate organizations follow network segmentation to have a fool-proof system. The task needs experienced IT professionals. You need to hire the best cybersecurity services company in Wisconsin for the task. They will use authentic security software and install internal firewalls to prevent malware and unwanted bugs. This method is effective for safeguarding business enterprise networks as well as devices.

 Updated Software

Is your organization venturing into a new business? Then, your employees need to follow best practices in the implementation of software/networks. Have you sought the services of an IT consulting company for checking the security? Then you can relax. They will keep a tab on the recent trends and ensure that the security software for your company gets modified as per the need.

Ransomware attacks have moved from the stage where a company server used to get infected by an employee who clicked a mail with the malware. Hackers are using bots to check the security software of organizations. As per industry experts, some ransomware attacks only on web servers. So, it is vital that you need to have an automation backup of your database. The best way is to have these databases in the cloud.


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